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With a keen focus on pushing creative boundaries, Red Skies Studios is currently in the throes of development or active pre-production for a diverse range of captivating ventures. From gripping film narratives to light hearted romps. Red Skies Studios promises to deliver compelling storytelling that resonates with audiences across the globe. Below are some of those projects:


CurseOfTheCatPoster 2 V4.jpeg

Curse of The Cat

DIRECTOR: Bobby McGruther
Status: Pre-Production

When odd animal attacks start happening in a small upstate New York town, the sheriff calls on the help of Rett Nightshade, Monster hunter!

Five Month Trial

DIRECTOR: Orlando Joubert Jr.
Status: Pre-Production

When Gabi's rule book for love collides with the irresistible womanizer, Luke, her beliefs are tested in a heart-pounding romance that defies all expectations.



DIRECTOR: Orlando Joubert Jr.
Status: Script

The next nightmare from writer/director Orlando Joubert Jr. The film has been described as Lovecraftian mind fuck that is a love letter to Sam Raimi. 

The Bunny Man Part II

DIRECTOR: Bobby McGruther
Status: Early Development 

"They thought they stopped him. They thought wrong."

The follow-up to the wildly successful The Bunny Man is now in development. Bobby McGruther returns to write and direct.

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